PT. Sumi Win Mukti

Aluminum Ingot

PT. Sumi Win Mukti sells aluminum ingot with its factory location in Karawang. Buy aluminum ingots from us at competitive prices. We sell aluminum ingot with quality standards referring to JIS H2-102, 1968 (Reaffirmed 1974) and Western, Aluminum Association Designation and Chemical composition Limits for Unalloyed Aluminum of Aluminum Association Inc., USA. Aluminum is one of the most abundant metals found on the surface of the earth. Many who buy aluminum ingots are used as industrial raw materials in the automotive, household appliances, etc. Besides that aluminum is a good conductor of electricity. Has mild, strong and corrosion properties. Can be forged into sheets, drawn into wires and extruded into bars with various cross sections. Aluminum is distributed in the form of bars or bars commonly known as aluminum ingots.
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